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Naturopathy, Natural Health Care Clinic Naturopathic Services

natures pharmacopeia has a cure for every ill


Hippocrates said, 2½ thousand years ago:
"Let food be our medicine and medicine be our food"

Since before that time, throughout the known world, wise healers, shamans, medicine men and medicine women have been using ingredients from nature to treat, heal and cure their clients from all types of ailments, conditions and diseases.

Naturopathy is natural medicine, it is widely practiced throughout the world today and is gaining increasing popularity as people grow alarmed at the side-effects of modern synthetic drug treatments and debilitating surgical procedures.

Naturopathy has one of the longest traditions of any healing system, and is the forerunner of modern medicine. If you have ever seen a dog or a cat eat grass you have witnessed naturopathy practiced instinctively by an animal.

Herbal Medicines, Vitamin and Minerals, nutritional advice, Iridology and other natural therapies are all used to treat illness, amplifying and encouraging the natural healing forces in the body to support the body's own healing abilities and processes.

Naturopathy is concerned with identifying the root cause of disease and then applying safe and natural methods to re-establish a healthy and wholesome physical condition.

What you can expect in a Naturopathic Consultation


was going to the doctors surgery ever this much fun? - and the side effects are nowhere as severe

Firstly, after you are comfortable in the clinic, I will run through your medical history with you - this is chiefly a question and answer session to help me develop an awareness of what has happened to you previously and what, if any, medications and / or supplements you are currently taking. I will also record your vital statistics and contact details.

Next I will discuss what has brought you to my clinic, what you feel are your current health concerns and challenges. This is often a far-reaching discussion which can include your philosophy and beliefs about health, sickness its causes and treatments. You are encouraged to discuss anything and everything which you feel may be influencing your state of health.

I use only natural, non-invasive methods to diagnose your condition

In some circumstances I may want a urine sample (you don't need to bring one - if we need one we can get one during the consultation). I may also want to consult any recent X-rays, blood tests, allergy tests or other medical documentation you have - it is always a good idea to bring them with you when you come.

I may need to carry out some physical tests or measurements to clarify details which have arisen in these discussions.

Once we have gone over those details I will conduct my own diagnosis - for this I use Iridology (I am a Dr. Jensen-qualified Iridology Instructor) and my native gifts as a Medical Intuit. This will complete the picture of what you are dealing with and will also identify the major factors which need to be addressed in a comprehensive treatment program.

What you can expect to get from a Naturopathic Consultation

You will receive a daily health regime which can cover topics from:
  • food groups
  • numerous health tips
  • power foods that energize your system
  • edible weeds - their value as a food source and preventative medicine
  • a health drink that you drink 3 times per week and is a great substitute for processed supplements that are costly and mostly ineffective
  • energy drink and an effective immune system booster
  • effective sodium foods that alkaline your system quickly
  • the importance of water and it’s effects on your body
  • an ideal diet for you
  • a list of foods that contain cancer-prevention agents
  • information about the laws of nature and the effect it will have on your life.

a section of our herbal medicines & tinctures dispensary


You may also be prescribed appropriate herbal tinctures, herbal teas, appropriate remedies or activities such as a detox program, stress management techniques suitable for your individual needs.

Rarely do I find the need to prescribe more than 3 tinctures or teas to satisfactorily address a health condition. You will not be presented with a long list of processed supplements to add to your diet.

Just one hour of your time could significantly improve the rest of your life

My fee for a Naturopathic consultation is AUD$120 - an appointment is essential and a typical session will last around one hour. You can make an enquiry here or an appointment here.

We are situated just outside Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland - just an hour's drive north of Brisbane. Its a beautiful place to visit and learn how you can regain peak health and vitality - naturally.


    You may also find our Distant Energy Healing  helpful
      and our Intuitive Distant Medical Diagnosis  is useful as well> Middle Path> Clinic Services> Naturopathy - Natural Health-care
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