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Medicinal Healing Plants, Nature's Medicines: Plants, Weeds & Herbs


Natural, Wholesome Preventative and Remedial Health Care on your table

Nutrition is not just about stopping you feeling hungry or fueling your energy supply, it is also about maintaining your health and wellbeing,

Plants which offer valuable nutrition may not, as first taste, appeal as a food source, however if you only eat to avert hunger, you will eventually fall sick and need to eat for health.

You can eat to feed your hunger and maintain your health at the same time which is the essence of natural preventative health care.

Most of the culinary herbs you are familiar with have some medicinal properties - in fact cooking with fresh herbs is a sound disease-prevention measure.



Earliest records that now survive, show that our ancestors discovered that some plants are good for food and others have healing properties, many have both.

This was the first step in a lengthy process of trial and error by which early man in different communities slowly built up the knowledge about plants.

Hippocrates (460-377BC) - who formulated the oath taken by many graduating physicians (the Hippocratic Oath) - known as the "Father of Modern Medicine" was fond of saying "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food".

This clearly indicates that in ancient Greece the association between diet, plants and health was well-known and respected.

This knowledge has been handed down generation by generation by word of mouth and intuition.

Herbal Medicine uses herbs fresh and dried, added to your food, or as herbal teas, in tincture form, and as an extract.

If you look at the plant kingdom you can often recognise the signature that nature has provided. Some leaves look like a heart, others like blood vessels, others like veins and so on. Known as the doctrine of Signature, these indications have guided mankind's use of Nature's pharmacopia for thousands of years.

There are thousands of different types of herbs and many trees and barks are used for medicine as well.

Natural medicines - Natural medicines - one of my great joys

Natural medicines - our great joy


medicines and dried herbs in the dispensary


Yellow Dock hanging in the drying kiln ready to start its journey towards a refreshing and healthy herbal tea!

We dry quantities of herbs for making teas by infusion, in Australia it has become illegal to refer to these as “medicinal” or “therapeutic” - in fact to make any public statement suggesting thay have any beneficial effect upon a person's health - and so we offer them as teas.

Most of these plants have been used throughout mankind's history on planet earth for their medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Here you can see a quantity (about 12 KG) of dock leaves ready to start its processing journey.

You can see what's involved in processing a plant to make a herbal tea here.

  overview list of medicines  

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