Fasting for Vitality & Miraculous Cures

If you need some extra bounce in your step or want to loose weight, heal an ailment that is stopping you from enjoying life to the fullest, then fasting is for you..

Fasting refers to a complete abstinence from food for a long or short period of time for cleansing, healing or weight loss purposes.

The word fasting comes from the old English word, "feastan" which means to fast, observe, be strict."

Natures oldest method of treating and curing disease is to fast and it costs you nothing.

Throughout medical history, fasting has been regarded as one of the most dependable curative of all methods.

Galen, Hippocrates, Paracelsus and many other great authorities on medicine prescribed fasting to cure ills.


fasting can change your life

To this day fasting is recommended as one of the most effective ways to elliminate serious diseases: one of the most common cause of all diseases is the accumulation of waste and poisonous matter in the body which can result from overeating and eating toxic processed foods.

In the Western civilization most people eat far too much and live sedentary lives and occupations resulting in insufficient exercise for utilization of the large quantity of food they eat.

Overloading any system will stop it working


Excess food overburdens the digestive and assimilative organs and clogs up the system with poisons and impurities, which then becomes sluggish and doesn't function properly.

The beginning of disease is merely the process of the body ridding the system of impurities. Just about any disease can be healed by one remedy, by doing just the opposite of what caused it, reducing the food intake or fasting.

Fasting is merely a method of purification and is an effective and quick cure, it also leads to purification of the blood and repairs and regenerates the tissues of the body.

By depriving the body of food for a time, the organs of elimination such as the bowels, kidneys, lungs and skin are given an opportunity to expel and get rid of the overload of accumulated waste and toxins from the system.

Most ancient customs and almost every religion uses the practice of fasting which gives clarity of mind and a raised consciousness.

Fasting Benefits

Being deprived of needed nutrients, like fats and protein during a long fast, the body, by the process of autolysis or self-digestion feeds upon its own reserves and burns and digests its own tissues.

The secret of the effectiveness of fasting as a curative and rejuvenative method is that during a long fast the body will first decompose and burn those cells and tissues that are diseased, damaged or dead.

The essential tissues and vital organs, the glands, the nervous system and the brain are not damaged or digested in fasting.

Whilst fasting, the building of new and healthy cells are accellerated by the amino acids released from the diseased cells.

The capacity of the eliminative organs, kidneys, liver, lungs and the skin is greatly increased as they are relieved of the usual work of digesting food and eliminating the wastes and quickly expel old accumulated wastes and toxins.

Fasting offers a rest to the whole system and as a result, the digestion of food and the absorbtion of nutrients is greatly improved after fasting.


fasting gives stressed cells a rest

Duration of Fasting

Fasting can be done one day per week, preferably on the same day of the week, or anything from 3 days to one month or longer depending on the age of the person, circumstance or severity of the disease.

It is advisable to take it slow starting off with a series of short fasts of two to three days. I have seen people fast on pure water only for 40 days but this needs to be done under professional supervision only.

To fast any longer than 3 days I suggest vegetable juices and warm vegetable broths ONLY as fruit juice cleanses the system too quickly and has been known to encourage kidney problems if people aren't cleansing their bowels daily, or are doing it unsupervised.

how long should I fast?


If you are using fruit juice for fasting be aware that in some cases where fruit juices are taken, especially when fresh grapes, oranges or grapefruit are used exclusively, the toxic wastes enter the bloodstream rapidly and quickly overload the elimination systems with toxic waste which can, in turn, affect normal bodily functions. This sometimes results in dizzy spells, followed by diarrhea and vomiting.

If any of the above symptoms happen discontinue the fruit juice fast immediately and eat cooked vegetables containing adequate roughage including greens like spinach, until your body is functioning normally again.

When juice fasting use freshly-made juice (preferably just before drinking), do not use canned or frozen juices as they have minimal nutritional value.

Drink 6-8 300ml (1- 1/2cups) glasses of juice per day. This can be diluted with water if you wish.

When fasting, start by cleansing the bowels at the beginning of your fast and then cleanse the bowel daily with a warm water enema and during this time have some colonics to aid cleansing the system from toxic waste.

We offer two options for Colonics here at Middle Path you can read about them at these links the 3 single Colonics over a three week period or our very successful one day detox which includes 3 Colonics over the day plus a health regime and health assessment with a speedy blood purifier that you drink over the day.

It is advisable to undertake a series of short fasts of two to three days and gradually increase the duration of each fast by a day or so.

For the chronically sick person it is advisable not to exceed a week of fasting at a time as it is better to slowly eliminate toxic waste without seriously affecting the natural functioning of the body.

To restore health and vitality it is necessary after fasting to start a healthy diet regime and lifestyle.

To achieve this you can make a Naturopathic Consultation or have an Online Consultation to get started.

Ailments that are highly beneficial to fasting are all kinds of intestinal, stomach, liver and kidney conditions.

Fasting offers the ony permanent cure in many cases of eczema and other skin diseases and has miraculous results.

Behavioural and nervous disorders respond exceptionally well with fasting and have a normalizing, stabilizing and rejuvenating effect on all the vital physiological, nervous and mental functions.

People who are obese or overweight find it much easier to go without food and because they know they will be losing weight their attitude makes it a pleasurable experience.

Usually the first day of fasting there maybe hunger pangs, gradually this will decrease and after 3 days there will be no appetite.

The simple rule is to stop eating until the appetite returns or until one feels completely well.

Seriously sick people have no desire for food and fasting comes naturally to them, nature knows what their body needs.Simple exercises like short walks for the very ill may be undertaken during the fast. A warm water bath daily, avoid cold water baths.

Fasting sometimes produces a state of sleeplessness which can be overcome by a warm tub bath, hot water bottles at the feet and by drinking one or two glasses of hot water.

Laying in the fresh air and sunshine for 10 minutes a day, but not between Midday and 2pm is essential. Sun and air baths should be taken daily.

Serious conditions need to be supervised and most health retreats use fasting successfully for a variety of ills including cancer.

When NOT to Fast

Fasting should, NOT BE USED in every illness. In cases of diabetes, advanced stages of tuberculosis, and extreme cases of neurasthenia, long fasts will be harmful. In most cases, however, no harm will come to fasting patients, provided they rest, get plenty of fresh air and are under proper professional care.

Although the old traditional way of fasting was a pure water fast, most of the leading authorities on fasting today agree that juice fasting is superior and a lot more effective than a water fast.

Dr. Ragnar Berg, a Nobel Prize winner and an authority on nutrition, says [1], "One can fast a long time, we know of fasts of over a hundred days duration, so we have no need of fearing that we will die of hunger." In this same article a couple lived without food for 7 weeks and survived after a plane crash.

By drinking alkaline juices instead of water during fasting the body burns up and excretes huge amounts of accumulated wastes, uric and inorganic acids.

The sugars in juices will strengthen the heart and supply essential elements for the body's own healing activity and cell regeneration, and speed up recovery.

The vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements in fresh, raw vegetable and fruit juices are extremely beneficial in normalizing all the body systems

How to Break a Fast

It is very important to break the fast properly as the success of the fast depends largely on how it is broken. This is the most significant phase.

These are the rules that need to be followed when breaking the fast, for the next few days continue to rest, eat small servings of vegetables or fruits, chew your food thoroughly and do not overeat. Do this for a few days gradually adding different food till you get back to eating a healthy normal diet.

A gradual transition to a healthy regime over a few days is as important for effective results as the fast itself.

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